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    YouTube Marketing

    To a small start-up that is on a tiny marketing budget, a YouTube channel with regular content updates can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available. A video campaign on YouTube, though, is no guarantee of action. You need to know how to work it.

    Keep it simple

    Most moderately successful original videos on YouTube have cost of their creators less than $250 to make. While it would make sense to aim higher to create great story ideas and a real YouTube channel brand identity, most start-ups wouldn't benefit by lavishing money on production values.

    Many start-ups dream of how hitting upon an idea for a viral video or two could put them on the map. Going viral could certainly do wonders for a business. But the chances of standing out so well amid the competition are slim at best. Even if you do hit upon a viral concept, it would need to be relevant to your business to actually do you any good. It’s usually a good idea to not invest too much effort in going after a viral hit.

    Try to get your audience involved

    Start-up owners often get anxious about the effort involved in keeping their YouTube channel updated with regular content. Fortunately, creating original content on your own isn't the only way to fill your channel. If you could get your audience to participate and contribute videos of their own, you could quickly get way more interesting and valuable content than if you did it all yourself.

    The question then is – how do you get your customers to come in with their own videos? The success of YouTube does show that people love to share videos of themselves with the world. If your business is able to give them a platform, they could be happy sending you their videos. You just need to find a way to inspire your customers.

    With enough thought put into it, there are ways to inspire customers for most kinds of products. If you sell gardening products, for instance, gardeners are usually very grateful for a chance to share their gardening methods with the world. Even coffee mugs are not too mundane to make videos about. People often have a favorite coffee mug that they are fiercely attached to. There could be emotional stories there.

    Remember that YouTube isn't Facebook

    Getting Likes and comments on Facebook is a big deal. On YouTube, though, these don’t get you any search engine or sales traction. The only kind of YouTube action that can get you better sales is a great number of hits and re-posts. If a video doesn't get you these results, you should re-evaluate what you’re doing.

    Make sure that you don’t stay on message

    Marketing is changing. Traditional advertising, where you get up on a soapbox and preach the great qualities of your product, will mostly get you nowhere. Content marketing – giving your customers information that is entertaining, informative and valuable in its own right – is where the action is today. Businesses don’t succeed on YouTube when their videos sound like infomercials. They only succeed when they make good content.

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