• Your Website Grader Score Isn't Your SEO Score

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    WebsiteGrader.com is an excellent tool for understanding how well your overall Internet marketing efforts are positioned. It analyzes your website based on about 19 different criteria, providing data regarding your website content, blog strength, socialmedia, email, some SEO factors and more. It shows your website’s strengths and weaknesses, and then gives you a numeric score from 1-100. At SEO Bounty, we understand the value of the service. It’s a brilliant tool and a useful starting point for planning your comprehensive Internet marketing strategy.

    However, it's important to keep in mind that your Website Grader score isn't your SEO score.

    Sometimes we hear from folks who fear their website’s SEO is weak because their Website Grader score is low. We want to put these folks at ease. Your Website Grader score is based on a number of criteria. Some of those criteria include SEO factors. However, nearly 1/3 of the variables used to compute a Website Grader score are unrelated to SEO.

    The following is a list of Website Grader criteria that are not SEO-related. It’s uncertain how heavily each variable weighs in the formula used to establish a score. However, nearly 1/3 of the variables are not SEO-related.

    Readability – This part identifies whether the website content is at an elementary, high school or post-secondary reading level.

    Number of Images – One of the elements measured in this section is the number of images you have on your website.

    Domain Info – This section lets you know the age of your domain (e.g. website URL) and the amount of time left before it expires. While having an older domain does help your SEO, domain age isn’t something you can change to make your score better.

    Conversion form – This section identifies whether you have a form on your website that is used to capture lead information. Some examples of conversion forms would be a “Contact Us” form, e-newsletter sign-up form, or white paper download form.

    Marketing automation – This identifies whether or not you are using software like HubSpot to automate certain parts of your Internet marketing such as drip email campaigns, lead capture, landing page creation and much more.

    Email grade – The email grade section directs you to a different site in order to have your email marketing efforts graded.

    So, SEO-conscious users of Website Grader – fear not. If you feel your score is low, it doesn’t necessarily mean your SEO is terrible. If you’d like to know how strong your SEO is specifically, we’d be happy to provide you an evaluation. There’s no charge for that. We don’t want to offer SEO services before you’re comfortable with SEO.

    We’d like to add – we agree that all Website Grader criteria are important for creating an effective Internet marketing plan. It’s a great tool. Have you used Website Grader before? How has it helped you? If you haven’t used it, feel free to ask questions of others who have below in the comments section.

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