• Why Organic SEO Outperforms PPC Campaigns

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    A wise man once said patience is a companion of wisdom; however, these days most people seem fixated on immediate gratification. Sadly, this mindset has found its way into many American businesses which have come to value fast, short-term results over long-term commitments that promote enduring success. This wasteful mindset also exists in the online marketing world, where quick gains often dissipate when businesses fail to invest in solid foundations that yield lasting returns.


    Organic SEO vs. PPC


    In an effort to lure in more customers, business owners frequently find themselves trying to decide between pay-per-click ad campaigns and organic marketing strategies that use content development and SEO to cultivate better natural search engine rankings. With PPC, a business owner needn’t wait for this long-term, enduring process to develop. Instead, he or she simply pays cash for instant results which show up on the first page of the SERPS (search engine results pages).


    Although pay-per-click ad campaigns can draw in a nice influx of traffic, they do have their downsides. For example, once a client stops paying for his or her listings, the visitors stop coming. The costs can also get unmanageable, especially for companies that must target popular, highly-competitive keyword phrases. Additionally, many potential customers are suspicious of PPC advertisements, because they show up in the paid sidebar of Google’s SERPS instead of the section which features organic, unpaid rankings. In fact, research has shown that eight out of ten web searchers trust organic search engine results more than paid listings. Additionally, only 15 percent of search clicks go to PPC ads, with the rest going to organic links.


    Focusing on the Future


    In the business world, smart investments set the stage for long-term prosperity. When they commit to organic online marketing campaigns, business owners are able to cultivate long-term success by developing a lasting online customer base that won’t go away overnight. Through a combination of off-site and on-site content development, companies can attain high natural search engine rankings that offer cost-free traffic each and every day.


    What’s more, these advantages remain even after a business decides to end its Internet marketing campaign. Unlike pay-per-click campaigns which require constant investment, organic SEO campaigns continue to offer benefits long after a company stops investing money in the strategy.


    Lasting Value


    When businesses invest in Internet marketing campaigns, they want significant returns on their investments. Although PPC campaigns can produce fast results, the advantages disappear far too quickly. When they do, companies must continue to spend to keep the clicks coming. On the other hand, when businesses invest in long-term organic SEO marketing, they enjoy enduring value even if decide to stop spending at some point in the future.


    Smart Investing


    Successful companies don’t just fixate on immediate benefits. They commit to long-term plans that provide strong foundations for future success. If you are focused on developing a larger online customer base, spend wisely on organic SEO campaigns that yield reliable, long-term results that won’t dry up once you close your wallet.

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