• Why No-Contract and Guaranteed SEO Are Bad Ideas

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    link buildingBeware of SEO companies that don’t require a contract and/or guarantee you successful results. It’s seems like a good idea at first. There will be no contract involved and the SEO company will “work” for you for free until they achieve your rankings. So you might think, “I must have nothing to lose.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your website, like your reputation, is something you should protect and something you can never get back once it is tarnished.  Here’s why offers of no contract or guaranteed SEO are bad for your company.


    No Contract.


    No real responsibility. – Who is responsible to anyone when there is no contract involved? Without a contract, your SEO company could stop working totally and you wouldn’t really know the difference. Nothing is in writing, so who can you complain to? No one.


    Time is valuable – So you’ve “hired” a company to begin doing your SEO for you. They promise that they won’t “charge” you until you see results. Months go by and nothing happens. Your rankings don’t go up. They say, “Well no worries. We didn’t charge you,” but they did. In the end, you’ve wasted TIME, and it will take more time for the next SEO company to increase your rankings because rankings don’t increase right away. While you’re wasting time with the guaranteed-performance company, your competitor has jumped ahead of you in rankings.


    Their Rules – A contract allows the client control over what they will and will not receive from an SEO company. Without a contract that includes your input, you are at the mercy of the rules of the vendor. Will they send a report on time? Will they send a report at all?  The no-guarantee SEO company may also steer you in the direction of the “easiest keywords” for them to achieve rather than the best keywords for your business. Who are you to say anything, since you’re not paying yet?


    Guaranteed SEO


    Best Sources Go to the Worst Keywords – Not all off-site link building work is created equal. Some of it is better than others. When an SEO company works to optimize your site, they have  tools to use (building links, promotion, etc.). They can use those tools to go after the tough keywords that benefit your company, or they can use those same tools to go after “easy keywords” that don’t. To put it in perspective, they can hire Randy Johnson to strike out a little-leaguer, so they are guaranteed to be successful and you will have to pay.


    Google Frowns on This – Google knows SEO companies exist, but they are not against SEO companies. However, they don’t like any company guaranteeing they can rank you because that company is basically saying, “We’ve figured Google out.”


    This is why I formed my company around the concept of quality work and customer service. We don’t lock people into long contracts, and we understand the nature of business. We realize there are ups and downs, hot and cold times of the year, etc., and we work with our clients based on those factors. I don’t believe in manipulating people into the above situations we described. We provide a service by learning about a company’s business and then creating a plan of action that will meet its goals without fancy gimmicks. I believe a contract is a pledge between two companies to work with each other towards a common goal, and I feel that is the only guarantee needed.

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