• Why Blogging Still Matters for your Website in 2017

    Posted on by Richard

    Blogging has so much value to consumers and your SEO/websiteI’ve noticed quite a few sites in 2016 began to slack on their consistent blogging efforts. Although blogging is not the “hot new thing” it was several years ago it should still be taken seriously as a vital part of your overall Online Marketing Strategy. Here are a few ways that Blogging is still very relevant in 2017.


    Blogs are still considered “new” material by Google

    New is usually better in the eyes of Google’s Search Engine. This is especially true when it is new quality content on your web site. Whether you are writing about the latest industry trend or a hot new product that has just emerged, no platform is taken as seriously by the Search engines as your blog. You should always be looking to utilize your blog to promote that which is new or trending that day or week. This will bring in much needed traffic to your website from potential new clients and customers.


    Blogs Keep your Site Up to Date

    Google doesn’t necessarily like constant turn-over of content on your static web pages. If you are too aggressive with updating your page content then Google will assume you are just trying to target keywords and your rankings will actually start to decrease. The opposite can be said about your blog. Each time there is something interesting or new to keep up on, your blog is the ideal place to put that information. Not to mention that most sites are made and then left to sit for months on end without any changes at all. The only easy and real opportunity for fresh content in those situations is through your sites blog.


    Blogs allow you to keep up with Customer Demands in Real time

    Is there a new product that your customers or clients are having issues with? You can reach out to a large group of these customers via your blog to send out an official company message. Although Social Media is great for this, not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter. Your customers are all going to have access to your website and showing that you are a proactive company is important. People are going to use your blog the same as they might your FAQ or Help Section to discover answers. This can cut down on the burdens of your customer service department or front desk.


    Blogs Are Great for Google’s new Voice Search

    Google is implementing a new focus around Spoken word search terms. Very few websites are written in the spoken word. You can utilize several blogs to be the facilitator to your customers coming in through spoken word searches. You can title your Blogs in the spoken word and use the blog content to reach those customers. This will give you a leg up on your competition.


    Blogs are still a vital part of your Marketing Strategy for 2017 and should be consistently worked on and optimized. Allow your blog to capture new customers and clients that other companies don’t even know exist.

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