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    Retail websites need to be able to get their audience to visit on a regular basis – even when they don’t have a purchase to make. This is important as a way to ensure brand recall. The problem, though, is that one never seems to have enough ideas for great website content to achieve this by. If you find yourself in this position, the ideas that follow should help.

    Get a forum and see what your visitors want

    Online forums are a great way to bring in visitors. Try typing any question on any subject into a search engine. You will often see a few forum questions and answers among the results. Not only is a forum a great source of popularity, it adds content to your website for free.

    A forum is also an excellent source of article ideas. When a reader asks a good question, you could answer with a full article that goes into all the details needed. You could even a look at your competitors’ forums for ideas on good questions to answer.

    Think about other user-generated content

    A good part of Amazon’s success can be attributed to its popular user reviews. People take Amazon’s reviews seriously and come to the website for them in droves. It can be difficult for a small company to get an enthusiastic response for its request for user reviews, of course. You may need to go to extraordinary lengths to get these – perhaps calling your customers over the telephone for their opinion. A well-populated review section, though, can be valuable website content.

    Be the number one destination for product information

    Manufacturers are notorious for providing poor quality instructions with their products. Addressing this is the whole concept behind the popular Missing Manual series of tutorial books. You could be a mini “Missing Manual” destination for the products your business sells. You could offer in-depth videos, images, user guides and descriptions of problems. Valuable content of this kind can work for you on so many levels. Not only will people directly come to your website to read your content, they will talk about you on Facebook and link to you on other websites. This is the kind of action that Google looks for.

    Publish buying guides

    People don’t just need help using a product – they need help making smart purchase decisions, too. Most buying guides don’t provide full, practical or usable information. You could be different and make a production of it. Interview your buyers, collect information on the difficulties they’ve faced and put out many great buying guides. Not only is this likely to be great website content, it is likely to show you how to better serve your customers, as well.

    Do original research on your product

    This is likely to be great SEO, in addition to being great website content. There are thousands of websites across the Internet that needs authoritative sources to quote. When you establish yourself as a source to quote in your industry, you will find great success getting links. Any time people need to quote you they will link to your website.

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