• The Website Graveyard of the Future

    Posted on by Richard


    Picture it.. It’s 2020 and Google has unleashed it’s third Orca Update (personally I wish they’d name the updates after Dinosaurs.. since they wreck such havoc.. wouldn’t you feel better if you were knocked out of the ranking by the Raptor Update?) and people are scratching their heads on why there sites just aren’t doing as well as they used to. I can only imagine each year that 1000s of blog sites are started.. Meanwhile 1000s are abandoned. The links that once brought you gold on these abandoned websites have to start brining you next to nothing in the future. You will be affected by the Website Graveyard effect. Here are some facts:


    1. New Businesses Love other new Businesses – When you have a new business you love going to “new” blogs and other peoples new company websites. You comment.. Do guest blogging posts and get all sorts of warm fuzzies.
    2. Old Businesses settle into liking 5 other sites. – Say you’re the President of X company and there are 3-5 standard sites in your industry. You settle in and you only post on those sites, comment, speak with those people.. Perhaps join that sites forum. You would rarely if ever go venture off to a new site.


    Both of the above examples will lead to the Website Graveyard Link Effect. The first business (if it survives) will lose steam posting with all the other new blogs and businesses. Some of those businesses will flop as will the blogs. Even worse, though many of those sites will be up for years and years; if you put 4 years into a blog and it costs you $3.95 a month to host it, you figure eh I’ll keep it up. Meanwhile the links on those pages will hold on, and your site will look to have more authority then it really does. Google will look at those links favorably for a while and then lose interest. Your “new business” will be trapped on website graveyards and will not understand how your rankings aren’t as strong as they once were.

    How to fix this problem

    Always think like a new business!

    That’s right.. Pretty simple.. even if you (the VITO (very important top officer) no longer want to go sifting through the Internet looking for the latest shiny blog or new business.. you need to have someone on your staff doing that for you. Maybe that is your social media person, or someone a generation down from you who is used to the never ending speed of change on the Internet. They can help keep you up to date with the fact that your favorite Dinosaur of a site from 2005 (we are still in 2020 in this scenario) is no longer producing the fresh content (or getting the fresh links) that a competitor blog is.

    Don’t get trapped in the Website Graveyard yourself.. Keep your site fresh and your links fresher.

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