• The New Facebook Feed: Goodbye Clutter, Hello Bright and Beautiful!

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    On Thursday, Facebook introduced to the online world their new clean playground; their Facebook Feed. If you were like me, and many others, you were starting to get annoyed with the display Facebook was working with and instead of checking your timeline, you quickly looked on your phone or tablet or better yet; to other social sites. So what’s the big change with Facebook’s Feed?

    “…the stories around you deserve to be displayed with more than just text.” – Zuckerberg

    Bigger Images                             

    It’s an age were Social is going Visual, and Facebook’s got the Memo. With your new timeline, all of the images that you’ll begin to scroll past will have a more widescreen affect to it, making your experience more visually pleasing. With an emphasis on photos, they now take up about 50% of your feed stories and are in front with all the action.

    Feed Options

    One of the most interesting things to me yet with the new Facebook Feed, the option to choose which you’d like to see. During their presentation, it was shown that you now have the option to choose what types of updates are shown on your timeline, whether it be your close friends, or celebrity and brands you follow. This puts the control all in the user’s hand, and allows for more organization to flow. (Insert sigh of relief)

    Although these are all great updates to Facebook’s feed, we still have yet to know what kind of affect this will take on brands with promoted posts, ads, and especially our smaller businesses.

    Lastly but nearly not least…

    Mobile Consistency

    A developer’s dreams come true. Facebook User’s will now notice that whether they’re on their ipad, or at home checking their desktop, that the consistency between all platforms are evident. This new set up was inspired by the fact that users are consistently checking their profiles on their mobile devices. Some of the new features you’ll see on your mobile device are the side navigation bar and the clean white space added.

    So what’s next? Facebook told their audience this morning during their live stream that they will start rolling the new feed out today on web, but will do so with more caution, looking out for things they can sharpen and continue to work on to better the user experience.

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