• The Dangers of Over-Linking

    Posted on by Richard

    Do you want to know why RankPay.com, which was #1 for the keyword “SEO Services” on Google for over a year, is now on page three for that term? How about NationalPositions.com, who was #1 for “SEO Company” until several months ago when they also plummeted to page two? Did they all of a sudden start doing black hat link building? No. So, what would cause such a steep decline from #1 to oblivion? Over-linking.

    This is a topic that is scary for SEO companies to talk about because they don’t want their clients to think there is an “end” to link building or SEO. They want to continue to solve the problem with the same solution…more links! The problem, though, is greater than that. Let’s use the two examples above:

    According to SEOMoz the number of domains for National Positions containing the exact anchor text “SEO Company” is 2,929. That’s not a joke. To put this in perspective, that is five times the number of domains pointing at SEO Bounty’s home page and twice as many domains as SEO.com has total. Common sense would tell us something is not right here. If SEO.com, a leader in the industry which is linked to naturally, has a hard time attracting that many links to its whole site, then obviously National Positions manipulated the number of sites linking to them for that term. How about RankPay? RankPay also has an issue with the term “SEO Services” of which they have well over 1,000 domains pointing to this one term. Google might also see this as more domains then could possibly “naturally” link to this keyword.

    These people have tugged on Super Man’s cape. Don’t think this can only happen to an SEO Company just because Google has an extra eye on them. It can happen to your site as well. Here is the frightening part…there are very few ways of removing links. So if you hire an SEO Company that doesn’t realize the over-linking penalty, and you have 1,000 domains pointing at one keyword, there is not much your next SEO company can do for you other than build out to supporting keywords and hope that the offending links “die off.” This is why it is important to always discuss your link building strategy with your link building company. If you are promised 1,000 links a month from any company, run in the other direction. They will either build 1,000 worthless links or they could possibly cause you to be penalized for over-linking.

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