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YouTube Marketing Commonsense

To a small start-up that is on a tiny marketing budget, a YouTube channel with regular content updates can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available. A video campaign on YouTube, though, is no guarantee of action. You need to know how to work it. Keep it simple Most moderately successful original videos on YouTube have cost of their creators less than $250 to make. While it would make sense to aim higher to create great story ideas and a real YouTube channel brand identity, most start-ups wouldn't benefit by lavishing money on production values.

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3 Mistakes Business Owners make with their Google Plus Pages

I know what you may be thinking; “Great, another blog post about how to manage my Google Plus account”. The answer is yes, it is another blog post about the ever growing enterprise and social sector of Google: Google Plus. However, this is not just the basic guide on how to set up your Gmail account or set up your Google Plus page. Let’s face it, Google plus can be confusing at times especially for business owners that just don’t have the time to teach themselves about the wonders of Google and every update they make. As a Social Media …

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