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Predictions for SEO Trends in 2019

It is our tradition at SEO Bounty to look into the next year and decide what trends you should be looking out for. The year 2019 is likely to bring even more changes in the world of Search Engine Optimization as innovation continues to be made. Here are four trends you want to look out for in 2019.   Matching the Right Content to the right Keyword Phrase Search engines have been moving towards better understanding what their users want to find when they make specific queries and that they line up with their intent. Some content that users may …

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Predictions for SEO Trends in 2018

It’s time once again for the annual tradition of getting out our crystal ball and looking into the future trends for SEO in the coming year. This year seems to be a year that is going to be driven by Search Personalization, new search technologies and a need for an even quicker response to our search queries.   Personalized Search   With everyone now being signed in to something at all times either through their Google Account, Facebook Account or their smart phones personalized search is an inevitable by-product of that.  Users are seeing results that only “they see” at …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hashtags

A word only recently added to the dictionary, the hashtag (#) has become an important feature of social media in recent years. A hashtag is a social media tagging system used to categorize content and deliver related search results. It involves a key word or phrase, without spaces or symbols, preceded by the hash sign. In networks that support hashtags, such as Twitter and Facebook, use of the symbol automatically transforms the content into a hyperlink. When someone clicks on the hyperlink, all other recent messages using the same hashtag will appear. Additionally, hashtags are viewable to anyone on the …

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