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Optimizing Your Images for SEO Benefit

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not all about optimizing your written content and the inner workings of your website. With many websites relying heavily on multimedia content such as images, it is also important to take some additional steps to ensure that your visual content reaches the search engines as well.

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What is Pinterest and why should I care?

Pinterest is a visual social networking board that connects people through pictures and videos.  It could be things you like, places you’d like to go, your favorite recipes, your style of clothes, your goofy side or just random things.  It could even be a means of organizing a party or wedding with pictures of the favors, the dress, the venue, the rings, the cake and the bride and groom, of course.  You create boards which are essentially a way to organize these pins into categories.  People can follow one board or all of them.  You are able to comment on …

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