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How Public Relations Can Help with Your SEO

For many years, public relations and search engine optimization were separate aspects of an overall Marketing strategy. Because of this, PR professionals and SEO experts rarely worked together. This is no longer the case today, as recent developments in both the public relations and SEO industries have created opportunities where successful PR campaigns can contribute more than ever to the effectiveness of SEO. In fact, in many organizations today, SEO and PR have become so integrated that many top public relations firms are actually offering SEO services to their clients. Below are three of the most common ways that good …

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SEO Trends to Target for 2015

Every year we attempt to pull out the crystal ball and determine the trends we expect to see in the coming year as far as Search Marketing is concerned. We feel it is helpful to know these trends in order to both plan for the future and for your current marketing. These are the trends that we see unfolding in the year 2015.    1. More original and timely content. I believe that the focus in 2015 should be heavily on on-site content especially that content that derives from your blog. While always a good indicator of a healthy website, Google …

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