• SEO Bounty Predictions for SEO in 2013

    Posted on by Richard

    As you know SEO is a science but it is the science of the unknown. As Google is constantly changing its algorithm, we are forever attempting to predict the swings. These are a few SEO predictions for 2013.

    –          Domain Age becomes less and less important. – 5 years ago it was unusual for a site to be 10 or more years old. It would have to be from 1998 and therefore Google was highly impressed by that site. In 2013 a site will be 10 years old if it was started in 2003. By that point everyone had a domain either live or parked. Sites that used to be ranking because they were 10 years old will not be seeing the same credit by being 15 years old and sites that are 10 years old won’t seem that important to Google.

    –          Old links will become less important. Following up with the theory above about domain age.. Old Links on Old Sites used to be Gold. Now they are looked on as if they are OLD.. stale and outdated. If you still have a link on your site from 2005 linking to another site.. Google will begin to wonder why you don’t update your site more. If you were Google and you had the choice between picking a site to rank high that had 100 recent links or one that has 5 links that were 10 years old.. which would you think would provide the better user experience.. especially when you now could factor in Social Engagement?  If you’ve been running high on your old links.. expect to get trumped over the next year.

    –          Sites will abandon SEO for Google Adwords. As Adwords takes over more and more of the screen when people are searching.. and people move more and more to mobile platforms (with even smaller screens) whole companies will survive just on their Adwords spend and will start to abandon SEO entirely. As a site owner you’ll begin to wonder why your competition isn’t all around you on organic searches anymore. This will create and opportunity for a long term business thinker.. as he will have a more open playing field in organic search.

    –          Press Releases will start to become the new “directories”. As more people begin to use Press Release sites for links.. Google will begin to pick up on the trend and begin to value Press Release sites less.

    –          Author Rank will take off because people enjoy seeing their own picture in Google searches. It will also create another barrier for small businesses as it will be harder for them to get their voice out among a gaggle of experts who place their rel=author in every place they write.

    –          Google hits it’s high water mark in 2013. It will be Pax Google as people scurry to implement Google+ which they don’t understand and buy Adwords which they can’t afford. The alternatives are still a few years away so this is Google’s zenith.

    As Google is always making constant changes feel free to reach out to SEO Bounty. We are here to help if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to call us. Feel free to reach to out to us at 1.877.488.8449 or you can call our President Richard A. Lewis directly at 757.392.2214.

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