• Search Marketing Priorities for Dentists

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    See how to best prioritize your search marketing effortsWe are going to start a new series this year called “Search Marketing Priorities” which will focus on what different types of businesses should focus most on when it comes to Search Marketing. As the industry has grown there are so many plates that a small business needs to spin all at the once. It is essential understand that all business types aren’t the same and that they should focus their attention on some areas of Search Marketing more than others. This article will focus most on Dentist and Dental Offices and what they should make a priority with their online presence.


    Priority List:

    • Local Listings/Google Maps – 10/10
    • Organic SEO – 9/10
    • Website Quality – 9/10
    • Social Media – 8/10
    • Paid Search – 7/10


    Local Listings/Maps

    As a Dentist you realize that clients usually come in from a very local area surrounding your office or offices. People don’t usually travel more than 10-20 miles to visit a dentist unless they are specialist. So the majority of searches for your dental services will rely heavily on the location of the client when they make the search. This means that you should put the most effort into making sure that your Google My Business Page is filled out properly and that you pay attention or encourage positive reviews for your services.

    Organic SEO

    Right below the Map Listings you will find the Natural Organic Listings. It’s important to note that when people make local searches or include a city name in their queries that typically only local competitors will come up. For dentists you don’t have to worry about a lot of ‘national dental sites’ like a lot of other service businesses do. This means that the only listings people will see will be other local Dentists and you want to make sure that you appear both in the map listings and below that in the local organic search listings as well

    Website Quality

    The quality of your website and especially the photos on that website are quite important. A business like dentistry thrives on word of mouth, goodwill and referrals. When people come to a dental website they want to see confirmation that the office is a welcoming and friendly place. Nothing says that more than a bright informative website that is up to date. It says that the office likely has new equipment, friendly caring staff and is a place for families. Making the effort to capture clicks to a website that is dreary and doesn’t relay those messages would be wasted effort.

    Social Media

    Keeping your current clients informed or what is going on in your business is a good idea. Typically though for a dental business most people don’t want to be reminded of the dentist unless they have to be. Making sure that when people do want to find you that they see that your social presences are stocked with great information is helpful to establishing that your business is reliable, friendly and trustworthy but just doing the basics in this area of your Marketing if you have limited time is fine.

    Paid Search

    For many service businesses getting one client in the door can be a gold mine and that can be the case for Dentists too but primarily the business relies on a steady stream of patients and generating one or two extra clients a month will not make or break the business. When starting a new practice Paid Search can be very effective in getting in front of people and letting the know you’re there. Once you’re an established Dental Office paid search should be used sparingly to promote new procedures or to gain clients who are looking for costly but profitable services that you can provide.


    Like any other business a Dental Office has limited time and resources and should prioritize the best that they can with their Online Marketing Efforts. The above is meant to be a guide and your business could differ based on its strengths on what it wants to focus on.

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