• Predictions for SEO Trends in 2018

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    SEO trends in your business this yearIt’s time once again for the annual tradition of getting out our crystal ball and looking into the future trends for SEO in the coming year. This year seems to be a year that is going to be driven by Search Personalization, new search technologies and a need for an even quicker response to our search queries.


    Personalized Search


    With everyone now being signed in to something at all times either through their Google Account, Facebook Account or their smart phones personalized search is an inevitable by-product of that.  Users are seeing results that only “they see” at a faster pace than ever. These results are coming from somewhere though and that ‘somewhere’ was the first search they made originally. Whatever sites they clicked on when making the original search are now getting preferential treatment. So as an Internet Marketer it is still key to make sure that you show up in the original SERPs to begin with. It simply means that user’s loyalty to your site can increase over time if you capture them originally.


    Quicker Faster Answers – Structured Snippets


    Have you noticed that most of the searches you do now on Google include a bunch of Questions listed in an order that look like people have made those searches in the past? Those are called Featured Structured Snippets.. a fancy phrase for ‘Faster Answers’ (the equivalent of fast food… not always as tasty but you get fed the information quickly and then move on). Much of the time when these snippets come up the user simply uses your site information and moves on without ever having clicked on the link. What you can hope for from this transaction is that the user recognizes your brand and begins to trust it from these snippets. Hopefully they will come back directly to your site when they need these answers or the product or services that you sell. As with everything in Search Engines the way to get listed here is to provide solid content. As mentioned last year providing more question based information on your site will help hear as well as with voice search.


    Visual and Voice Search


    We mentioned Voice Search last year as something that was trending and it has continued to evolve in 2017. With more people than ever now using voice search it is key to remember it when structuring the content on your website. Google and other search engines have also started experimenting with Visual Search. This is where images in a larger image can be identified by what’s in them. Think of it like you want to see a particular painting in an art gallery picture and Google identifies that the painting is in that picture as opposed to just labeling it as ‘art gallery’. This is an interesting and evolving technology and it will be fascinating to see where it goes in the future.


    User Experience


    User Experience has always been important to search engines but they have been slowly but surely over the years adding more weight to it in the SERPS. The main factors here will always be site speed and quality of content. Search engines want to make sure that the sites they are sending their users to are high quality. The best way to assure that is whether they invest in a solid server to make the site information comes up quickly and that the writing on the site is both relevant and high quality. If you haven’t looked at your sites content and speed lately this would be the year you should do so.


    These are just some of the trends that we are seeing for 2018. It’s difficult to predict exactly what other trends come to fruition in the New Year but we recommend focusing on your sites users’ experience, adding quality content to your site and have your site answering common questions a potential client might be asking themselves in the New Year.

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