• Make Your Blog an Excellent Marketing Tool for Your Website

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    blogs as a marketing tool for websiteIn a global market, competition is everywhere you look. Quality marketing of your products and services is extremely important. There are many effective ways to market your business and a blog is one of the best. If your website has a blog that isn’t being used to market your business, it’s time for your blog to change directions. Don’t let your competition “out blog” you.


    Target Your Specific Audience

    Be sure your blog posts provide valuable information about a specific product or service you offer. Explain how a product can be used effectively. Offer detailed step-by-step instructions to the reader, while avoiding unnecessary repetition. Including graphics or photographs with your instructions can be very helpful. Keep image sizes small to reduce page-loading time. If you are a service-based organization, your blog posts must explain your service and why it is important to the reader. In various posts explain the service’s advantages and ability to save money for the consumer.


    Honesty Is The Best Policy


    Simply state the facts about your products or services. Never exaggerate. Consumers are better educated today than ever before, and they have technology tools to assist them in determining what is true and what is false. Don’t ruin your reputation by implying your products or services are greater than they actually are. Complaints spread fast on the Internet.


    Express An Opinion

    When it comes to your products and services, you have an opinion. You chose to sell certain products because you prefer them to others. It’s okay to state your opinion, because you are an expert in your field. Your opinion lets consumers know you are serious about your business. In your blog, refrain from using competitor’s names or the names of brands you don’t sell. Having an opinion is different than insulting another business, and you don’t want legal repercussions. Discuss the specifics of your product and why it is preferable to similar products. If your product is aluminum fencing, explain why it is preferable to wooden or other aluminum fencing, but don’t name brands other than those brands you sell. If you offer a cleaning service, explain why the products you use in the process are the best available. The same concept is true for real estate, automobiles, technology, golf clubs, or tacos.


    Educate The Reader

    Visitors to your blog expect to learn something they didn’t know. Use your blog as a teaching tool about your products and services. Avoid using technical terminology consumers are not familiar with. Teach the consumer why your product will give them the excellent results they want, and teach them how to use the product properly. People appreciate being informed. When you design your blog to meet their needs and answer their questions, you will increase the volume of repeat visitors and potential customers to your site.


    Blogging as a marketing technique is highly successful. Following these four suggestions will bring readers to your blog and customers to your business. Take advantage of the blog form of marketing that lets you speak to your customers in a casual setting. Marketing is changing in the age of technology, and businesses that get on board with new marketing methods have an edge on the competition.

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