• Is Google Plus Worth It?

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    seo-companyThe answer for most businesses is a definitive “YES.”You should probably be using Google Plus.


    There is one incredibly important benefit Google Plus gives you: Google indexes Google Plus posts. They do not index Facebook or Twitter posts.


    Why is this important? If your Google Plus posts are SEO friendly, and include good content, it’s possible that your Google Plus posts could show up in search results. In fact, if you are very active on Google Plus, your posts might even start popping up in results before your website – or your competitors’ websites. Right now, there’s a good chance your competitors aren’t even thinking about joining Google Plus. If you get on it now, you could have an important advantage.


    So, how do you make your Google Plus posts SEO-friendly?


    The answer is very much the way you would make your website SEO friendly. You include links to your website; you use keywords in your content; you provide relevant, interesting content; and you engage your audience in social media. Once you join Google Plus and start getting familiar with it, you can follow these tips to make your Google Plus business page SEO friendly. If you need help with any of this, you can always reach out to your friendly SEO services company (that’d be us).


    Optimize Your “About” Page. Here’s how:


    – Use keywords in your profile.
    – Link to your website using keywords as anchor text. Check out our SEO Bounty Google Plus page as an example.
    – In the “Recommended Links” section, add links to your other social networks and your blog.
    – Add as much information about your company as possible. The “About” section in Google

    – Plus is much more robust than the “Info” section in your Facebook page.
    – Add photos and videos whenever possible.


    Optimize Your Posts. Here’s how:


    – Add comments in your posts. Don’t post only a link. Your comments should be more like a paragraph than a couple of sentences. Remember, the more relevant content you have in your posts, the more Google will favor it.
    – Strive to have your posts shared; and strive to get comments. Google will favor popular posts most.


    How do you get your posts shared and commented? Make sure you add relevant, interesting information frequently. Also, make sure your posts contain complete thoughts – remember: more like a paragraph than a quick thought.


    Google Plus may take you more time than Facebook.


    Don’t let that be a deal-breaker! It’s worth the time! I can’t stress enough the benefit of Google indexing your Google Plus posts!


    Your Turn!


    Have you ventured into Google Plus for your business? How is it working out for you?

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