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    Get more traffic on your website via social mediaOver the last few months we have been looking at different forms of traffic that a website can target. This month we will be looking at social traffic. Both what it is and how it can benefit your site.


    What is it?


    Social Traffic is traffic that originates from Social Media Sites on the Internet. These sites are quite vast but in general they are sites where people come together in a community and share common experiences through visual or text means. Some popular Social Media Sites include Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Each of these types of sites provide “links” to other sites and pages in different ways. While someone on Facebook might share your website in their Update (which will then be seen by people they are friends with), on a site like Twitter someone’s whole message might be a link to a particular page with a short snippet of information that then will be sent out to thousands of their followers. Obviously this type of traffic requires content on your website that causes people to be interested enough to first “post it” and then engaging enough that the people who follow those postings will click on it. Social Traffic relies on pages or sites becoming “viral” i.e. they spread like a virus from one social user to another being shared time and time again.


    Why is it beneficial to your site?


    Social Traffic can be truly huge for your website if leveraged in the right way. You can just imagine how many new people can find out about a site from Social Media. They may never have heard of your site before but they are interested in the content that you are providing them. This isn’t always a text medium as videos also can be used in the same way to capture Social Interest. You can shape the message you want to send about your company or website to the masses via Social Media You also should control your own Social Channels. They are places where your sites followers can interact with you and receive a common message. If you want to alert people who are already familiar with your site to a new product or offering your Social Channels are a great place to do so. So Social Traffic can bring in brand new eyeballs to your site as well as keep your current visitors engaged with your brand in a positive way.


    How do you capture this traffic?


    Social Traffic is the most random form of traffic that we’ve reviewed so far because there is no one straight forward way of gaining it. You can create engaging and interesting content and videos on your site and still not have anything go “viral”. The best practice is to build up a good following on your Social Channels and then when you post new pages or something you feel is worthwhile, your followers can help you distribute that message. You should always be looking for interesting ways to engage with Social Sites and be thinking of new content that would be interesting to people who visit those sites. One other thing to note is that for many industries there are niche social sites that you can hunt out and engage in from forums to online communities. These sites cater to smaller niches that may be quite interested in what you have to share.


    Overall Social traffic comes in a lot of different forms and offers many different opportunities for your website. From engaging on the top sites like Facebook and Twitter to making sure your site is represented in smaller niche forums and communities, there are a lot of places to mine for Social Traffic on the Internet.

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