• Increasing your Site Traffic: Real World Traffic

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    Increase your website traffic with traditional mediaWe have been looking at different areas of traffic that your website can get over the last several months. This month we will be looking at Real World Traffic. Both what it is and how it can benefit your site.


    What is it?


    Real World Traffic is any traffic that comes into your site from off-line resources. This can be any other aspect of your Marketing Campaigns that are not geared directly at Internet Marketing. Examples of this can include a PR Campaign, a TV or Radio Ad Campaign, printed materials that you hand out, billboards, word of mouth or traffic generated from your brick and mortar businesses existence. As you can see there are a lot of different ways to gain this traffic. In many instances a business will coordinate multiple Real World Campaigns while always including their website in the advertising material in some way. Then when people hear or see this Marketing message they either go online and type in your Domain into the URL line of their browser or make an online search to find you


    Why is it beneficial to your site?


    Real World Traffic is beneficial because it can capture people during the times they aren’t sitting on their computers or using their mobile devices. So doing what you can to put yourself front in center in a potential customers mind during these times is important so that when they do go back to the Internet they will look for your website. Also with a coordinated Marketing Campaign you can direct users to certain offers or pages on your website from the real world that will bring about the type of clients you are hoping to gain for your business.


    How do you capture this traffic?


    Real World Traffic is plentiful and provides a lot of opportunities for a Webmaster. Obviously budget plays a big role here. If you had an unlimited budget you could saturate the world with your message all over billboards, magazines and on TV 24/7. This obviously not feasible for most companies so you would want to look at the best advertising mediums for your business and determine what will have the most benefit to your website. For most local companies they will have the benefit of a brick and mortar location that they can use to advertise their online site either via printed material or word of mouth when someone comes into their establishment. For businesses that just exist online as a website they may want to utilize local printed materials or a PR Campaign that focuses around getting new visitors to the website and making people aware of its existence. For a national company finding the right niche publications or programs to put their message on will be a key to success. No matter how you go about capturing this traffic it is always important to remember your bottom line and to base your efforts on your potential profit and reward.


    Real World Traffic can greatly improve the quality and amount of people you can bring to your website. Although it is hard to quantify the number of people coming into your site from off-line sources making sure that your message resonates outside of the Internet is important for your sites long term growth.

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