• “I want more Facebook Engagement!”

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    Social Media for small businesses have become the new marketing strategy to get their name out in way that can boost their potential sales, long term clientele, and brand their name. But in our world of marketing we always see the big question; “How can I get more Engagement?” Sometimes we can confuse more engagement with more likes on your Facebook business page when that is not the case. Facebook Engagement is the communication between the business as an everyday person and your audience. Your audience includes those who’ve liked you and actually read, viewed and liked your posts. Facebook calculates your engagement through who has actually clicked on any particular post from your page. They also calculate what posts are viral, the reach of each post, and who is talking about your post. So now you’d like to know what else you can do to get more engagement, right?
    With all of our clients, we try and to make sure they have what we like to call the essential items to ensure that they can get the best visits and engagement to their Facebook business page. These include:
    • Visible Facebook Button on the Homepage of your site
    • An Additional Facebook button and/or feed on your Blog page
    • A “Like Us” statement on your Email Signature
    • A Call to action Email to visit and like a new Facebook Page to all current consumers.
    • Additional “statement” on business cards, brochures and etc.
    “But I’ve done this and I still don’t have the engagement that I want”
    Some additional things that can be missed from some small business owners are inviting the friends that you’ve already established to like your new business page. Many small business pages start off just like this. You can also ask a handful of your Facebook friends to invite their friends as well to maximize you efforts. As for the meatier items like the type of posts that get best engagement; variety is key. Here are the types of posts that get great engagement:
    • Original Graphics/Info graphs (Post with branded pictures for your business)
    • Poll Questions
    • Quotes
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Tip of the Day
    • Posts with pictures
    • Albums with Pictures of your staff and business
    • Posts with Original Videos
    • Shares from other businesses
    A couple things to remember, when managing your Facebook page or when you hire a Social Media person, is to keep an open mind. Saying no to too many ideas can be the very thing that is holding your Facebook page back from getting the engagement you need. Promotional posts are great, however don’t overdo it. Remember that on Social Networks, it is not always about you but about your customers, audience, and anyone who you can consider a Fan. Posting things that are industry related are also good but a good tip and known best practice is to try posting something that your audience would like to hear you talk about. For example; if you have a cupcake business, try posting 30 min recipes for a busy weekday. Although the post is not necessarily something about baking, it is something that your audience can relate to if they’ve already became a fan and it is relevant.

    Lastly, Facebook ads are your friend! At SEO Bounty we see it all the time, a client may not want Facebook ads simply because they believe it will cost too much. The great thing about Facebook ads is that they are totally customizable to your budget and what you need at that moment. So if you need that extra boost, give it a try and when you’re ready to stop, Facebook has the “pause” option so you will not get billed until you’re ready again.

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