• I’m Tired of Hearing, “I’m Tired of Hearing About Social Media”

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    I’m starting to hear this more frequently: “I’m tired of hearing about social media,” or, “Social media is dead.” I respect others’ opinions on the matter. But, I do feel social media is very valuable for marketing. If I can’t convince you that social media is good for relevant lead generation, word of mouth referrals, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, then maybe I can convince you that social media is important for SEO. You must be able to see the value in something that can increase your search engine rankings, right?


    In the past it was debatable whether Google really cared about social media. Now, Google has declared that they do recognize the social authority of a website. In other words, they recognize when your website has a presence within social networks. However, they won’t give you a pat on the back for creating a profile and slapping your link on the page just to build a backlink.


    Sometimes, in the race to accumulate as many backlinks as possible, people forget the fundamental reason Google even cares about links. They care because links provide a way to measure the relevancy of a site. More links means more relevancy, which ultimately contributes to higher search rankings. So, really, it’s relevancy that Google is looking for – not the actual links. However, as more and more websites flood the Internet, it becomes harder and harder for Google to determine which ones are most relevant. Therefore, they have to find additional indicators of relevancy. That’s where social media comes in. If you are active in social networks, you can show additional relevancy, which Google can use to weed you out from the rest of the world. Moreover, if you are more active in social media than your competitors, then you may be more relevant than your competitors. When you are more relevant than your competitors, you show up higher in search results.


    So, are you convinced yet? Even if you think social media has no other value, it seems difficult to ignore its potential SEO benefits. Yes, tons of brands are using social media now, which causes a lot of noise. But, it’s also true that tons of brands use social media incorrectly. They aren’t active or they don’t engage correctly. So, if YOU can use it correctly, you may stand out to Google more than your competitors…and you know that means.

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