• How Public Relations Can Help with Your SEO

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    seo and public relationsFor many years, public relations and search engine optimization were separate aspects of an overall Marketing strategy. Because of this, PR professionals and SEO experts rarely worked together. This is no longer the case today, as recent developments in both the public relations and SEO industries have created opportunities where successful PR campaigns can contribute more than ever to the effectiveness of SEO. In fact, in many organizations today, SEO and PR have become so integrated that many top public relations firms are actually offering SEO services to their clients. Below are three of the most common ways that good public relations results can help with SEO.



    1) Social Signals And Search Rankings


    For quite a few years now, search engines have been tracking social media shares and incorporating such data into their ranking algorithms. The reason for this is that a piece of content that is being circulated heavily through social media is bound to be useful and informative, meaning that search engines will want that piece of content near the top of their search results. Public relations professionals know how to release information in a way that maximizes the attention it receives. This attention results in increased social media shares, and in turn, better search rankings over time.


    2) Connecting With Leading Content Publishers


    The established connections that PR professionals have with media outlets and content publishers can be highly valuable to any SEO strategy, especially when it comes to attracting quality backlinks to a website. Very low quality backlinks are no longer helpful when it comes to achieving top search rankings, and a website must have a carefully considered portfolio of links from credible sources in order to move up in the results and stay there. Links from top news outlets, for example, are something that PR strategies can generate, and links of this type are among the most valuable that a website can gain.


    3) Crafting Timely and Relevant Content


    Those who work in public relations are closely aware of current events, because what’s happening around the world and in the industries that their clients operate in is relevant to the work they do every day. Engaging and useful content is at the heart of every SEO campaign, meaning that PR can positively influence the content creation process by offering insights into crafting content that is relevant to the times, which will increase its likelihood of being spread around by readers and additional media outlets.


    These are just a few of the many exciting ways that public relations strategies can be incorporated into SEO. Taking advantage of the opportunities for collaboration between PR and SEO professionals can produce positive results for the search rankings of any quality website.


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