• Generating Leads With Mobile Marketing

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    These days, content marketers are increasingly targeting mobile devices. Tablets such as the iPad and smartphones such as the iPhone, the Note, etc., have become widely popular. Nearly fifty percent of the Internet traffic from across the globe comes from these portable devices these days. Hence, it is very much possible to target your customers through mobile marketing. This article provides three important tips to target mobile customers more efficiently.


    1. Website Design and Formatting


    Over 90 percent of users worldwide use multiple devices to consume content. They may use a smartphone on the go, a tablet in their bed, and a laptop at work to consume the same content. Due to this reason, it is important for you to ensure that your website works well on all devices and platforms. Responsive web design ensures that your website is rendered properly on mobile devices as well as old-generation desktop computers.


    Also, icons and images within mobile devices are rendered usually in higher resolution than a desktop computer. Many smartphones today have full HD resolution leading to large pixel per inch (ppi) values. In order to efficiently display visual content on a mobile device, use font-based designs. Traditional Bitmap image technology does not zoom well on a mobile device and consumes more space. On the other hand, font-based icons scale properly on all resolutions and take only a small amount of space.


    1. Mobile Calls to Action


    Design of a call to action is as important as the content in it. Make it readable, conspicuous, discreet, and comprehensible. A catchphrase, a tiny one- or two-sentence description, and one or two call-to-action buttons are essential. You can bring up the call to action after your site or app has loaded and run for some time. Alternatively, you can put it at a discreet position within your site. Ensure that a user does not need to scroll much to see your call to action.


    As part of a call to action, you can provide a goodie such as a training video or an ebook. You can gather contact information of a prospect this way.


    1. A Mobile App


    Your company might have to provide a mobile app for popular mobile platforms. Depending on the products and services you provide, the mobile app may be promotional in nature. One important thing to ensure is the usefulness of the app. A user with no intention of buying your products and services should find value with the app. It goes without saying how important interface design is. If the app is liked by many users, it can act as a marketing vehicle for your products and services.


    1. Search Engine Mobility


    Due to Google’s recent Mobile Update it is important to keep in mind that your website’s mobile friendliness is also being monitored by the world’s leading search engine. If your site is deemed to not be mobile friendly it can severely hurt its keywords rankings, traffic and eventual ability to be a lead generating engine for your company or business. Keeping your site as mobile responsive as possible is essential to effective lead generation from search engines.




    If you efficiently target mobile users, the business growth you can get can be astounding. Make use of proper analytics tools to measure the incoming traffic and leads from mobile devices.

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