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    “Content marketing” is an umbrella term used to describe any marketing that uses the creation and sharing of content to attract a defined target audience for website traffic, lead generation and/or conversion.  It is usually presented in educational formats, such as custom magazines, print or online newsletters, digital content, websites, white papers, webcasts/webinars, podcasts, video series, in-person roundtables, and interactive online events.

    Utilizing web-based content marketing can greatly enhance search engine optimization. Inserting specific searchable keywords into your content will bring more people to your site, and then you can rely on your brand and the information presented to convert those visitors to customers.

    Today’s savvy online consumer will be looking for information that is both credible and timely when they locate your site.  They will be attracted to:

    Ideas– Give them something to think about in the form of a webinar or an interactive assessment tool.

    Value– Show how your company can help consumers “do more with less,” befitting today’s economy.  It is attractive to offer discounts and deals, as well as demonstrate the return on investment of your product.

    Credibility– Your potential client wants to know you are trustworthy.  Show them through independent reviews and client testimonials.

    Personalization– Consider including a web form potential clients can use to ask questions, and guarantee a personalized response within a certain timeframe, or start an interactive blog in which you respond to visitor comments.

    To insure your future customers reach your page in the first place, make sure to place keywords naturally where they fit into the text, and don’t fall into a common pitfall known as “keyword stuffing.”  If you have too many keywords on your page, it can make for an awkward read and overall poor experience for your potential clients.

    When used together, content marketing and Search Engine Optimization can be a powerful team in bringing new consumers to your website and converting them to the status of new customers.

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