• Choosing the Right Guest Blogger

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    Find the right guest blogger for your websiteWhen you run a successful blog on your website you will often be solicited via e-mail and in person to allow additional writers content on your blog. Most of these solicitations are just that, attempts for people to spam your blog with their own content and promote themselves or their blog over your own. Having additional blog writers on your blog can provide new voices and new perspectives for your site and readers. So how do you balance the two and determine if a writer is a good fit for your blog?


    1 – Look at the Bloggers Previous Work

    If the blogger is looking to write for your blogs he or she should be able to show you work they have previously done. Usually someone will include a few sample blogs when asking to write for your blog. I would suggest doing even more due diligence and do a simple search of the Internet for additional content they have written. Make sure that they aren’t pretending to be an expert but have really only written one or two blogs on the subject your website is about. Make sure that the blogger always uses proper grammar and their work isn’t filled with mistakes. You don’t want to have to spend additional time editing the blog once it has come in.


    2 – Make sure they will be writing it.

    As strange as it may sound some people will “buy content” from other sources and pass it off as their own. This is an attempt to get a mention of their own website on multiple types of online blogs. Once they have convinced you to let them Guest Blog they will then buy content from the Internet. They may also attempt to just straight up steal other work off the Internet and pass it off as their own. Try using Copyscape to detect anything of this nature.


    3 – Look for additional benefits for your site

    It is a good idea to look at the Guest Bloggers own site to see if you might possibly be able to do a Guest Blog Exchange where you write for their site and they write for yours. This allows you to cross promote your sites with the other persons viewers. This may also allow you to gain a link on their site which helps with Search Engine Rankings.  If you are going to give away valuable blog space on your site you should look to get something in return.


    4 – Look for Someone who has Knowledge you don’t

    Although you are able to write about a lot of topics of interests to your site viewers there may be areas you are not an expert in but would drive in a large amount of traffic or interest. It would be best to have a Guest Blogger touch on one of these topics. Having an outside expert voice will help your site stand out as well as draw in additional visitors from Search Engines you might not have been able to attract previously.


    Guest Blogging can be a great way to bring new content and new voices to your website and blog. Making sure that you pick the right guest blogger and that is benefits your site and reader is key. Using the above suggestions will help you avoid any mishaps that can occur when choosing a Guest Blogger.

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