• Increasing your Site Traffic: Organic Search

    We will be exploring all of the different areas of traffic that your website can obtain. This month we will be looking at organic traffic. Both what it is and how it can benefit your site.   What is it? Organic traffic is what is often referred to as “free traffic” or “Search traffic” and comes from users of various Search engines making search queries. On a search engine like “Google” organic traffic listings exist underneath the Paid Search and Local Search results on the majority of searches. In some instances there are only organic listings displayed when someone makes …

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    What Your New SEO Company Needs: Part 3: Current Keyword Targets

    When you are moving from one Search Optimization Company to another there are several ways to make that transition as smooth as possible.  In this article we’ll discuss how to provide them with the right Keyword Targets.   If you are transitioning your company to a new Internet Marketing Provider your current site is likely to have been setup based on old keyword targets. When you start a new campaign you review over your current keyword goals and the company implements them into your website either via on-site content changes or off site anchor text linking. These keyword targets then …

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    What Your New SEO Company Needs: Part 1: Site Access

    In the old days Online Marketing Companies would need to have full access to your site including all of the logins across the board. Lately with security issues being of great concern it is best to know what the new SEO Company is asking for.   Domain Control If you are switching to hosting with your SEO Company then they would need to switch the Domain Servers to point to theirs. This is really the only reason to provide an SEO Company with access to this information. If the company has access to your domain without needing it you could …

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    The Benefits of a Custom 404 Page

    When you find yourself staring at a static cold looking 404 page on a website it can very frustrating. You end up having to find the back button on your browser and you likely never visit that site again. This is because the webmaster didn’t take the time to replace the standard 404 (Page Not Found) page with a customized user experience. The 404 page could be the difference between a brand new client or customer and someone who never uses your services again. The solution is to build a customized 404 page that the site visitor will still recognize …

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    Choosing the Right Guest Blogger

    When you run a successful blog on your website you will often be solicited via e-mail and in person to allow additional writers content on your blog. Most of these solicitations are just that, attempts for people to spam your blog with their own content and promote themselves or their blog over your own. Having additional blog writers on your blog can provide new voices and new perspectives for your site and readers. So how do you balance the two and determine if a writer is a good fit for your blog?   1 – Look at the Bloggers Previous …

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    Why Blogging Still Matters for your Website in 2017

    I’ve noticed quite a few sites in 2016 began to slack on their consistent blogging efforts. Although blogging is not the “hot new thing” it was several years ago it should still be taken seriously as a vital part of your overall Online Marketing Strategy. Here are a few ways that Blogging is still very relevant in 2017.   Blogs are still considered “new” material by Google New is usually better in the eyes of Google’s Search Engine. This is especially true when it is new quality content on your web site. Whether you are writing about the latest industry …

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    Predictions for SEO Trends in 2017

    It’s time once again for the annual tradition of getting out our crystal ball and looking into the future trends for SEO in the coming year. It looks like it is going to be a very tech mobile driven search year. Here are four trends we recommend that you prepare your site for in 2017.

    How to Learn from Your Online Competitors Marketing Strategies

    Whether you have an established business online or are looking to start a new venture, the best way to determine a solid Online Marketing plan is to look at those companies and websites that are already established online. There are several factors that you should look at.

    Site Page Headers and Your SEO Strategy

    Often times I notice on web pages that the Headlines (or Headers) are often not optimized for SEO purposes. A Headline is a sentence or sometimes a word that is larger than the other text on the page and often helps a reader notice that there is a new section of content they are about to encounter. For most sites these are used to highlight either a popular product or service or are used to say something great about the company itself. In the code these are known as H1-H5 (Headline 1 to Headline 5). An H1 is the most …

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    How to Find the Best SEO Keywords for Your Business

    The key to success in any online venture is dominating the search engines, particularly Google. 75% of all searches are done using Google, a fact which clearly cannot be ignored. One of the most significant elements of a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is keyword research. When you research keywords, you should be looking for the perfect compromise between the level of competition and the relevance to your content. The key words and phrases that you choose to use in the content of your website should be those which receive enough search queries while at the same time not …

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