• Predictions for SEO Trends in 2017

    It’s time once again for the annual tradition of getting out our crystal ball and looking into the future trends for SEO in the coming year. It looks like it is going to be a very tech mobile driven search year. Here are four trends we recommend that you prepare your site for in 2017.

    How to Learn from Your Online Competitors Marketing Strategies

    Whether you have an established business online or are looking to start a new venture, the best way to determine a solid Online Marketing plan is to look at those companies and websites that are already established online. There are several factors that you should look at.

    Site Page Headers and Your SEO Strategy

    Often times I notice on web pages that the Headlines (or Headers) are often not optimized for SEO purposes. A Headline is a sentence or sometimes a word that is larger than the other text on the page and often helps a reader notice that there is a new section of content they are about to encounter. For most sites these are used to highlight either a popular product or service or are used to say something great about the company itself. In the code these are known as H1-H5 (Headline 1 to Headline 5). An H1 is the most …

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    How to Find the Best SEO Keywords for Your Business

    The key to success in any online venture is dominating the search engines, particularly Google. 75% of all searches are done using Google, a fact which clearly cannot be ignored. One of the most significant elements of a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is keyword research. When you research keywords, you should be looking for the perfect compromise between the level of competition and the relevance to your content. The key words and phrases that you choose to use in the content of your website should be those which receive enough search queries while at the same time not …

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    6 Helpful Free iPhone apps for SEO on the Go

    When Apple first released their iPhone, they took the world by storm and the iPhone has continued to be very popular. You can use your iPhone to keep an eye on your vital search engine optimization (SEO) statistics when you’re away from your computer.   These free iPhone apps for SEO can also be used on iPads and can be very helpful if you need to check your earnings, SERPs, backlinks, or any other SEO related data when you’re out and about.

    5 App Internet Marketing Tips Every Developer Should be Using

    Creating a mobile app is easy; marketing your creation is the tough part. Whether you use the services of a development firm or code your own application, getting your digital download on iTunes or Google Play is the least daunting of your tasks. Without a strong app marketing strategy, your creation is likely to languish among the millions of other applications available for download. Your app can be phenomenal, but if potential users can’t discover your creation, you are dead in the water before you even start.

    5 Mistakes That Affect Conversion Rates

    Some businesses focus so much on driving traffic to their website that they don’t pay attention to their conversion rate. This is a costly mistake, since fewer conversions means less return on the investment of a marketing campaign. Here are five common mistakes that lower conversion rates and prevent your marketing campaign from being as profitable as it could be.   Complicated checkouts   Asking for too much information in a form or at the checkout is one of the primary reasons for form abandonment. Customers get frustrated with too many steps, so you should limit the checkout or form …

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    Make Your Blog an Excellent Marketing Tool for Your Website

    In a global market, competition is everywhere you look. Quality marketing of your products and services is extremely important. There are many effective ways to market your business and a blog is one of the best. If your website has a blog that isn’t being used to market your business, it’s time for your blog to change directions. Don’t let your competition “out blog” you.   Target Your Specific Audience Be sure your blog posts provide valuable information about a specific product or service you offer. Explain how a product can be used effectively. Offer detailed step-by-step instructions to the …

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    9 Factors to Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Website

    There are many themes available for WordPress and sometimes it’s difficult to know which one to choose for your website. It’s important to get the right theme so that your visitors get a good experience when visiting your website. Moreover, if your theme is slow and full of coding mistakes, it can have a negative effect on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a poor theme can also cost you money in lost sales or leads from your website.   Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you get the right theme. Getting the best WordPress template for your website isn’t as …

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    How Public Relations Can Help with Your SEO

    For many years, public relations and search engine optimization were separate aspects of an overall Marketing strategy. Because of this, PR professionals and SEO experts rarely worked together. This is no longer the case today, as recent developments in both the public relations and SEO industries have created opportunities where successful PR campaigns can contribute more than ever to the effectiveness of SEO. In fact, in many organizations today, SEO and PR have become so integrated that many top public relations firms are actually offering SEO services to their clients. Below are three of the most common ways that good …

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