• 9 Factors to Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Website

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    website themes for wordpressThere are many themes available for WordPress and sometimes it’s difficult to know which one to choose for your website. It’s important to get the right theme so that your visitors get a good experience when visiting your website. Moreover, if your theme is slow and full of coding mistakes, it can have a negative effect on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a poor theme can also cost you money in lost sales or leads from your website.


    Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you get the right theme. Getting the best WordPress template for your website isn’t as simple as finding the first that you see. There are many things you need to consider when making your decision.




    Nowadays, it’s necessary to have a responsive website and it’s the first thing you must consider when choosing a theme. Responsive designs use CSS to change the layout depending on the size of the screen. Mobile visitors are increasing every year, and at some point, mobile visitors to your website will overtake desktop users. It makes sense to ensure that your website looks good on any device which your visitors are using.


    Moreover, mobile readiness is now something Google uses as part of their algorithm to decide where your website is ranked in their search results. Websites that are not mobile ready, will not rank as high as ones that are ready for mobile visitors, especially when the person is using a mobile device to perform the Google search.




    You’ll also need to consider your budget when purchasing a theme. There are some very good free themes available, but there are also a lot of very poor ones available too. In some cases, themes offer a ‘lite’ version of their full theme to help increase sales. Quite often, these ‘lite’ themes don’t have many features that you need and you will need to buy the premium version to get access to options that you require for your website.


    The majority of premium themes usually retail at around $40 to $60. In most cases, the theme developer will provide support and help you with any issues that you might experience. This differs from free themes, where often there is little or no support.


    Developer Support


    Developer support is a very important aspect of choosing the right theme. Although most premium theme developers provide good support, it can be limited to a period of time such as six months or a year. After this, you either have to pay for support or continue a subscription to get access to the developer’s support system.


    Unless you have extensive knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, you’ll probably find it very difficult to fix any problems without help from the developer. So when choosing a theme for your website, ensure that the developer is actively supporting the product so that you aren’t left with a broken website and no way to fix it.


    Plugin Support


    One of the great features of WordPress is the ability to download and install a wide variety of plugins. These plugins add functionality to a website and can be something small like a widget that displays the current server time all the way to a plugin which turns your website into a full-on social network like Facebook.


    Many poorly coded themes have compatibility problems with plugins. If you find that many plugins aren’t working correctly, then it may be a sign that your theme is poorly developed. Stay away from these themes as they are likely to cause you lots of problems as you continue to develop your website.


    Website Page Speed


    The loading speed of your website can vary for many reasons. A template which is poorly coded or one that is full of bloatware will slow down loading times. This could be something like unnecessary JavaScript, too many animations, poor coding, or too many server requests.


    If your website is very slow, it can have a negative effect on your visitor’s bounce rate as they will leave the website and find a faster loading website. A high bounce rate can also mean lower search engine rankings because a site’s bounce rate is a ranking factor used by Google and other search engines.


    Moreover, website loading speed is also part of Google’s algorithm to decide ranking. Themes which are fast and load quickly will rank higher than themes which are slow to load.


    Compatible Browsers


    Most people use either Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (now replaced by Microsoft’s Edge). At the very least, you want to ensure that the theme you want to use works well on the latest version of all these browsers. If it doesn’t work on any of the popular browsers, then stay away.


    Many people also use older versions of browsers and most good website developers will ensure that their website looks good on all browsers, even older versions.




    WordPress is regularly updated with new features, improved security and bug fixes. In order for your theme to stay working correctly, it needs to be updated regularly too. When purchasing a theme, try to find the ‘changelog’ which will outline the version numbers, dates of updates, and a description of what was updated.


    If a theme isn’t updated at least once or twice per year, then you should look for a better alternative. In most cases, premium themes are more regularly updated than free themes.




    There are themes available to suit virtually any type of website and there are thousands of different types of features. Make sure that the theme has the features that you’ll be using and that you need. For example, if you are running a real estate website, you’ll want a theme that can filter search results depending on your various taxonomies. This may include things such as property type, price, number of rooms, etc.




    You also want your website to look good. A good design must be easy to navigate, easy to read, and convert visitors into sales. There are a number of good themes available that offer a lot of features which can really help you design a fantastic looking website with little or no coding knowledge.


    The two premium themes, Divi and Avada, are popular for this reason. They both include a drag and drop interface for organizing the design of a website. They can produce very professional looking designs that can also be easily edited.


    Picking a good WordPress theme isn’t as easy as choosing the first one you come across. There are many things to consider when choosing a theme for your WordPress installation and you should spend time getting the right theme for your website.


    Finally, don’t be afraid to change the design if you find that your current choice isn’t performing as well as it should be. With WordPress, changing themes is a relatively easy procedure, but you’ll want to get the right one the first time

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