• 6 Helpful Free iPhone apps for SEO on the Go

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    iPhone apps for SEO on the goWhen Apple first released their iPhone, they took the world by storm and the iPhone has continued to be very popular. You can use your iPhone to keep an eye on your vital search engine optimization (SEO) statistics when you’re away from your computer.


    These free iPhone apps for SEO can also be used on iPads and can be very helpful if you need to check your earnings, SERPs, backlinks, or any other SEO related data when you’re out and about.


    Google Analytics


    One of the most important metrics for SEO is keeping track of website visitors. You need to know how they found your website and what they did once they got there. The official Google Analytics app allows you to keep track of your visitors with built-in reports, the ability to compare data between dates, checking real-time information, and building your own custom reports.


    Google AdSense


    If you have AdSense on your website, then this handy iPhone app, will allow you get key data and access reports from your AdSense account. You can see daily, weekly, monthly or lifetime earnings. Moreover, you can see information about payments, unpaid earnings, and there are some nice looking animated graphs to provide you with a visual representation of your reports.


    SEO Pro


    SEO Pro is an excellent free tool and provides the following tools: on-page SEO checker, backlink checker, a Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) checker, keyword analysis, and page loading time insights.


    The paid PRO version also includes SEO scores, social analytics, backlink and anchor text checker, search volumes for suggested keywords, and full SEO reports in PDF format.


    SEO Edge


    SEO Edge is another excellent free app which provides accurate SERP information. It searches the top 100 results, can search specific countries (for example, google.fr or google.com), sort keywords by rankings, provide a history of your SERPs, and export graphs as images.


    The paid Pro Pack features unlimited keywords, iCloud data syncing, exporting data into CSV files, and premium support.




    SECockpit is an SEO keyword research tool which can generate keyword ideas and provide data pulled from various places to tell you how many times the keyword was used in online searches during the previous month, the Cost-per-Click (CPC), and provide competition analysis for websites currently ranking for a keyword.


    SECockpit is also very fast and allows you to search and analyze around 200 keywords a minute. It’s one of the best SEO tools available in Apple’s App Store.




    iSEO is another free app which allows you to keep track of your vital SEO stats. With this app you can save snapshots of your SEO stats to compare data between dates. The data available in this is app includes Google PageRank, Alexa stats, Majestic SEO backlinks, Blekko backlinks, indexed pages, Dmoz listing, social mentions, and social analytics.


    To make educated choices in SEO, you need to have data and statistics. Sometimes, it can be handy to have this information on the go and keep an eye on vital stats without sitting at your computer. Having this vital information available at your fingertips can help you stay ahead of the curve and improve your SEO success.

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