• 5 Tips for Dealing with Negative Comments on Your Brand Page

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    Be sure to respond to negative reviewsNo matter how hard your company tries to create an engaged community on its social media brand pages, negative comments are a fact of life. On the positive side, people tend to put more weight into how you deal with negative comments than the comments themselves. You’ll have to treat each incident individually and responsibly to ensure that it does not tarnish your brand. Here are five tips for effectively dealing with problematic comments:



    1 – Always Respond


    Avoiding the issue or simply removing the comment without a second thought will serve only to harm your brand’s image. If you don’t respond promptly and appropriately, you’ll give your audience the impression you are trying to hide something. Even if you don’t respond publically, consider contacting the commenter privately and addressing the individual’s concern in a more personal manner.



    2 – Acknowledge Your Mistakes


    Many negative comments and reviews are perfectly valid, and even the best companies can’t please absolutely everyone every time. Put yourself in the shoes of the commenter, and try to understand their concerns without taking the negative feedback personally. If it’s a common complaint that your customers have, be transparent, and say that you are dealing with their concerns as best you can.



    3 – Don’t Feed the Troll


    Some comments don’t deserve an actual response, and should instead be removed immediately. People who post completely irrelevant and abusive content, spam or profanity are not worth troubling yourself with. Unfortunately, the infamous Internet troll is still very much alive and well, but people often make the mistake of getting into arguments with these socially inept attention seekers. Don’t make that mistake.



    4 – Be Human


    Think for a moment how frustrating it is when you file a complaint with a company only to get a completely unhelpful automated reply. This kind of response drives most people crazy, and social media comments are no exception. Since social media is by its very definition a communicative platform, it is essential you be human and avoid taking a machine-like approach to people’s complaints and concerns.



    5 – Develop Some Guidelines


    Sometimes, negative comments can come from your own employees or social media marketing team. Needless to say, these situations are invariably embarrassing and can cause great harm to your brand’s image, even if they are not entirely intentional. To reduce the risk of botched posts on your social media pages, ensure you have a strict set of guidelines in place that your employees are completely familiar with.



    Key Takeaways


    Negative comments are something that you have to learn to deal with without taking it personally. It might be difficult at times, but most such comments are perfectly valid, even if they only reflect the commenter’s personal opinion. Always take a diplomatic and professional approach, and don’t give up posting great content and engaging your audience overall.

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