• 5 Mistakes That Affect Conversion Rates

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    fail in conversion marketing SU for SEO BSome businesses focus so much on driving traffic to their website that they don’t pay attention to their conversion rate. This is a costly mistake, since fewer conversions means less return on the investment of a marketing campaign. Here are five common mistakes that lower conversion rates and prevent your marketing campaign from being as profitable as it could be.


    1. Complicated checkouts


    Asking for too much information in a form or at the checkout is one of the primary reasons for form abandonment. Customers get frustrated with too many steps, so you should limit the checkout or form completion process to collecting the minimum information required to complete the sale. To help customers through the ordering process, anticipate their questions or problems and provide a clear, step-by-step guide. Make it easy for them, and they’ll be more likely to complete the sale or provide their lead information.


    1. No online support


    When a customer has questions about your products or can’t get the website to work, they want answers and solutions. Online support such as chat or phone service provides answers to specific questions and keeps potential customers on your site. If you can’t afford a live chat application, try to answer customer emails in real time. The reassurance will build trust and customer relationships, and make visitors more likely to buy from you.


    1. Slow page loading


    Customers don’t like to wait for pages to load, especially when alternatives are just a click away. Your site needs to load as quickly as possible, so make sure that images and files are optimized for the Web and don’t “hang” or time out. Your servers also need to be capable, reliable, and fast, to make sure pages load and to minimize downtime.


    1. No cross-browser compatibility


    Visitors use different browsers to view your site and will click away rather than switch browsers if they can’t view your site in their browser of choice. Your site needs to display the same way in all of them, so test your site in different browsers before making it live, and make sure it displays and functions the same in each one. People also access the Internet through a variety of devices, so your site also needs to be mobile-friendly for people to see, stay, and buy.


    1. Lack of trust


    Visitors hesitate to give their personal details and credit card information to sites that don’t appear trustworthy, no matter how much they want the product. To build trust and make customers feel comfortable buying from you, invest in professional site design and make sure your site displays security seals. Always use SSL (secure socket layer) encryption to protect your customer’s data, and make sure customers know that their information is secure.


    To increase sales, you need to focus on more than how much traffic your website receives; your conversion rate is just as important. Simplifying your checkout process, improving your page design, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, and providing an online support system will make your customers’ visits easier. It will also instill trust in your products and services, and help convert visitors into buyers.


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