• 5 App Internet Marketing Tips Every Developer Should be Using

    Posted on by Richard

    internet marketing tips for app developersCreating a mobile app is easy; marketing your creation is the tough part. Whether you use the services of a development firm or code your own application, getting your digital download on iTunes or Google Play is the least daunting of your tasks. Without a strong app marketing strategy, your creation is likely to languish among the millions of other applications available for download. Your app can be phenomenal, but if potential users can’t discover your creation, you are dead in the water before you even start.


    If you want help learning how to draw attention to your app, consider the following five app marketing tips:


    • Understand where your target audience hangs out online and make yourself available on those forums/community chat boards. Be of service to your target community by answering their queries and providing information they’ll find helpful. Include your app’s download link in your forum signature along with a succinct tag line they can’t help but click on. Don’t push your app; your willingness to help will send users your way.


    • Integrate social referrals into your marketing strategy. Offer a special reward to existing users in exchange for social shares on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. By integrating social referrals into your marketing strategy you build interest while keeping current users engaged.


    • Competition analysis is crucial if you hope to increase downloads for your mobile application. Read comments users leave on your competitor’s app page on iTunes or Google Play. Use this information to improve your application and avoid bad reviews.


    • Engage with users who leave comments on your app’s download page. Address issues immediately and thank consumers for bringing issues to your attention.


    • Blog about your app’s development and heavily promote each app tweak you make. Add a blog to your website or create content on a platform like Medium.com. Involve your audience in your app’s development by journaling everything from growth to missteps. Not only are you engaging potential users, you are creating SEO copy at the same time.


    Mobile app marketing is a marathon. You can’t expect to promote your application pre-launch and then just set it and forget it. If you continually hunt for new ways to market your app and heavily promote each tweak you make, you give potential new users the opportunity to discover your download. You will have peaks and valleys in your download analytics; continuing to promote your app will ensure the peaks are more frequent than the valleys.

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