• 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Obsess about SEO in Social Media Marketing

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    seo and social media differencesSearch engine optimization and social media marketing are two things that can reliably contribute to a site’s growth. Both of them share similar purposes and principles. Namely, both SEO and social media marketing are means to acquire traffic for your site. Most content creators use SEO and social media marketing in tandem. But when posting things on social media, remember to lighten up on the SEO. This article explains why.



    Social media works on different principles from SEO



    SEO is mainly based around the proper usage of keywords and links. Social media is different, instead relying on building connections and communities. Don’t just fill your status updates and tweets with a ton of keywords and links. If you’re going to do a bit of social media marketing, keywords and tags are the least of your worries. In social media marketing, you should instead be focusing on building and establishing connections with your fans.



    Make posts or status updates with a bit of character and charm. Don’t just drone on about your promos, contests, or giveaways by using badly constructed buzzwords. Use social media as an opportunity to get your fans to know you better. Feel free to use hashtags and participate in trends, but don’t overdo it. Your focus should be on building rapport with your fans and followers.



    You should be focusing on your current audience instead of acquiring more



    Social media provides you with a variety of tools you can use to communicate with your fans. Use them. Don’t just use social media as an output for your links. When it comes to acquiring new audiences and getting more people to see your posts, most social media platforms can do those things on their own.



    Most platforms have affordable advertising plans that can promote your content for you. Instead of relying on SEO, in social media you should be focusing on what you already have. If your audience likes you enough, they’ll eventually promote your content to their own networks.



    Images are more reliable than keywords



    In the world of social media, images, pictures, and videos are more reliable at getting an audience’s attention than SEO. When posting on social media, use relevant images to help your post stand out. Social media moves at a blistering pace. You want something that can catch your audience’s attention enough for them to click your link. A unique image can effectively help you stand out from the torrent of word-only posts that your followers see on their news feeds.




    In summary, SEO and Social Media are both valuable tools for gaining traffic to your website. Taking the same knowledge from SEO and applying it to Social Media does not work effectively as they are two different marketing channels. While promoting your links and images is important it is less important to keyword stuff or link stuff your posts. This will not help your SEO efforts and will only work to alienate the supporters you have gained in your various Social Media platforms.

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