• 13 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Social Media Presence

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    1Small businesses often struggle with cost-effective marketing and development, though many overlook the most efficient, inexpensive method of reaching new and current customers: social media.  It’s free to join all of the major social networking sites.  It’s relatively easy to set up a profile and start interacting with your customers.  Social networking can provide the bridge between your business and the audience you want to reach without a huge investment of time or money.  Need more proof?  Here are 13 reasons your business should be utilizing social media.

    1. Everybody else is doing it.

    Even if your business is not active on social media sites, your customers already have been for years.  Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ continue to expand every day.  Facebook has become an important form of communication for every target demographic, including the one you want to reach.

    2. You will improve your rankings.

    If you’re having trouble gaining traction on Google or other search engines, social media will spike your rankings in two ways.  First, social networking sites are already optimized for search engines, thus they will rank higher than most other sites, landing your Facebook Page or Twitter profile near the top of the list.  Second, listing your website on your social media profile will provide valuable linkbacks that will improve the ranking of your actual dot-com address.

    3. Sharing is easy.

    One-click sharing is enabled for nearly everything that gets posted on Facebook or Google+.  This means that it’s easy for your customers to share their satisfaction with your services or product, or to show their friends and family something of yours that they find interesting.

    4. Reviews are interactive.

    When a customer reviews your product or service on Facebook or Google+, that review will be shared with all of their connections on the respective site.  The more of their connections that comment on the review, the more popular that review will be in their connections’ feeds, leading to more traffic for your page.

    5. You can build trust.

    Not since the Better Business Bureau has there been a platform so trusted for gauging the integrity of a business.  When your customers know that other customers approve of and desire your work, they are more inclined to invest in it themselves.  This is especially true when they can easily see that their own connections have already liked, reviewed or purchased your products or services.

    6. You can satisfy the dissatisfied.

    You can easily address negative feedback.  In the event that you have a dissatisfied customer, you can quickly correct the issue in the public eye, providing evidence that you are concerned and willing to fix problems.  This goes a long way towards gaining the trust of your audience.  In other mediums, such as phone or e-mail, your efforts will go unnoticed.

    7. You will appeal to the eyes.

    Facebook is a visual platform that allows you to vividly display your services, work or products via an avatar, header image and photo albums.  These visuals are directly shareable by customers, followers or fans.

    8. Communication is made easier.

    Facebook, Twitter and similar social networking sites offer the ability to communicate with your clients on a direct, back-and-forth platform.  Whether via private message or public post, you can have an extended interaction with single or multiple customers, which builds consumer relationships.

    9. Contests warrant sharing.

    Running campaigns via social networking platforms can increase your virality–and thus your business–online.  Offer discounts, prizes or other rewards for fans and followers that share your posts, and share your posts they will!

    10. Customers can check in for rewards.

    If you are a brick-and-mortar business, encourage customers to “check in” on Facebook, Yelp or Foursquare by offering an immediate, on-site discount.  Their connections on social media will see it, and your check in count will go up, giving more recognition to your business.

    11. You have a new way to know your customers.

    Via social media, you have the opportunity to learn about the demographics of who you are engaging and selling to.  You can learn your customers’ faces, names, ages, gender and locations so that you can pinpoint your audience and market directly to them.

    12. Social media bookmarking is a cinch.

    Liking or following a business on social media is a simple one-click operation.  If a potential customer notices one of your posts, but doesn’t have the time to explore it at the moment, they can simply use a “like” or “follow” button to bookmark your business for later.  Your future posts will show up in their feeds again and again as a reminder.

    13. Boredom is your friend.

    Social media is the #1 time killer for people who are bored.  Why not take this opportunity to occupy your customers’ time with something your business posted?  They may even share it with their bored friends, and their bored friends will share it with their bored friends, into infinity.

    If you need any assistance with your Social Media presence feel free to contact us today and see how we can help.

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