• 10 Effective and Free SEO Tips for 2014

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    Search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization, or SEO, involves a rapidly changing landscape, one that is almost unrecognizable since its inception. The good news is that there are a few things that stayed the same. Keeping these tips in mind can make sure that the foundation of your site’s SEO remains solid and won’t fold after a simple Google update.


    1. Some sites inevitably come up with pages that have similar content. Make sure that if they’re basically saying the same thing that you have the better page in your sitemap.


    2. A big part of SEO revolves around links and shares. The more a page or site is shared or linked to, the more authoritative it looks to a search engine. Each page should have a way for a user to share or interact with it, such as a comments box, reviews, or a way to share it on a social networking site.


    3. “Enhanced Image Search” is one of Google’s newest features. It allows pictures to pop up on their blended search results list. Unfortunately, you’ll need to activate it before it applies to your site. Simply go to your Google Webmaster Central account and activate it.


    4. Social marketing is a huge part of search engine optimization, due to how search engines take links and shares into account. Join and study various social media sites, such as Digg, Reddit, and Facebook, and learn how they work. Take the cultures of each site into account as you design and create posts.


    5. Each page on your site should revolve around a single keyword or keyword phrase. Targeting multiple keywords can both detract from its rating and muddle the message or content of the post.


    6. Your posts aren’t the only things that require SEO. Your RSS feed should also have optimized and keyword rich text.


    7. Search engine optimization is an important tool, but that’s all it is – a tool. Your pages should each have a call-to-action, something you want the visitor to do. Without it, you’re going to get lots of hits but few conversions.


    8. Whenever possible, have a caption for your images. Not only will it help guide the reader, it will also help search engines determine the relevance of the picture, which can help people get to your site through image searches.


    9. If you’re having trouble thinking of a post, consider simply posting something opinionated. Top Ten lists, for example, will not only get the attention of the people or things on and off the list, they’ll also provoke discussion with regards to the accuracy of the list.


    10. Your site’s usability also counts in terms of SEO. While search engines won’t notice how you put colors together, an accessible site can lead to more clicks and more shares, which improves your site’s ranking and authoritativeness.


    While your SEO campaign should consist of more than these tips, they’ll help make sure that your campaign has a strong foundation and a few tricks to help you stay ahead of the curve. Just remember that SEO takes time. It is an investment into the future of your business and your website.

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